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Nowadays, interviews are not always done in person! If a candidate is from out of town, or the company does not have a proper interview room, they may request that the interview is done over video. Many people have never done a video interview before so here are some tips if you are ever invited to do one!

  1. Make sure your video camera and microphone works! Even if it worked fine yesterday, check it again before your interview to ensure that it is working properly. You do not want to look unprepared if your device does not work once the interview commences.
  2. Dress professionally! Just because you do not need to leave your home for this interview, it does not mean that you do not need to dress as if you were meeting the interviewer in person. They will be able to see you, so ensure that you are dressed to impress.
  3. Have your laptop positioned on a flat surface, with a plain, neutral background.
  4. Close all tabs, websites and applications on your computer. You do not want your laptop to suddenly start making noise in the middle of your interview!
  5. Ensure that your phone is on SILENT (not vibrate) so there are no distractions and/or interruptions during your interview.
  6. Have your resume near you and make sure that you are well-versed with what is written on it.
  7. Try to avoid having others in the room while you are in your interview (kids, pets, friends, family, etc.)
  8. Have a notepad near you, just in case the interviewer has notes or information for you

Video interviews can be nerve-wracking if you have never done one before but it is important to remember that it is still a real interview! Treat it the same way you would if you were meeting the interviewer in person. Research the company before-hand, highlight what you were responsible for in previous positions and let them know why you would be a good asset to their business!