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Need to manage an entire flexible workforce? PROSTAFF can assist you with supervisory and administrative support.  We can offer full or part-time programs customized specifically for you.


Flexible Workforce Management


  • Pre-screening and interviewing applicants on site
  • Testing for appropriate skill levels
  • Behavioural assessments
  • Conducting orientations
  • Plant or project specific training
  • Supplying on-site supervisor
  • Time and attendance
  • Addressing security issues (ID badges)
  • Personal protective equipment and uniforms, if required
  • Performance reviews
  • Auditing and reconciling billing
  • Customized reports



Assessment Centre

PROSTAFF Employment Solutions provides a broad range of proven web based pre-employment assessment tools designed to identify prospective employees.


Skills Assessment

An advanced testing program allows for employee skills to be assessed and the identification of beneficial training. We offer a full range of quality assessments.  Over 900 assessments are available.


Performance Assessments

We measure key behavioural factors and their impact on critically important aspects of success in business.This report can help you understand how an individual can be motivated and managed. These assessments measures productivity, quality of work, initiative, teamwork and problem solving competencies.


Payroll Services

You have identified the candidate.  Perhaps s/he is a retiree, a student, a former employee or someone you know who would be perfect for the position.
PROSTAFF Employment Solutions will administer the weekly payroll, including all payroll burdens and all employer responsibilities.




We view ourselves as a partner to the customer we work with and our goal is to build long term relationships and successes. At PROSTAFF Employment Solutions, we have a clear understanding that the recruitment process is all about you; your company’s history, corporate culture, present team and timelines will be considered.  A full understanding of the scope of the assignment and your needs are a priority.


Temporary/Contract Placement


These jobs are of shorter term and can range from one day to one year assignments. Temporary employees allow your company additional resources for project-based work or seasonal work.


Temporary-to-Direct Hire Placement


The position may begin as temporary and lead to permanent work (Temp-to-Perm)


Professional Placements


Our experienced and knowledgeable senior recruiters will work with you to find the most qualified candidates.




We provide company-specific training and orientation for all employees prior to them being placed onsite.