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Today we’ll be talking about why you should NOT ghost your employers! I’m sure you’ve heard of the term “Ghosting” before. For those who haven’t, this is the practice of withdrawing from all communication with someone or ending a personal relationship suddenly and without explanation.

Managers and employers are seeing this happen across the entire hiring process. People are either not showing up for interviews, not showing up for their first day of work, or even disappearing from a job that they already have!

Interview: When you ditch the interview it shows a lack of respect for the employer. You do not have to accept the job, but showing up for the meeting or phone call shows the employer that you know how valuable their time is.

If You Accept The Job: This means they are relying on you. Show up the first day and give it a chance, or have the courtesy to let them know you’ve changed your mind so they can fill the position with someone who wants it.

If You’re A Current Employee: You gave the job a chance and you feel like it’s not for you. Don’t fail to return; instead, build up the courage to speak to your supervisor about your situation. The employer or manager could give you a great reference down the line if you show them you’re a respectful employee.


This practice of “ghosting” is not recommended as it may one day come back to haunt you.

When you ghost on a potential employer it reflects poorly on you professionally, and could potentially ruin your chance for a good reference down the line.

Here are a couple phrases you can use to end the relationship in a healthy way instead of ghosting:

  • “I don’t see me being a successful______, another candidate might be more what you’re looking for”
  • “I appreciated learning about your organization. Thank you so much for this opportunity, but I don’t think this is going to be the right fit.”

If you ever find yourself in this situation it is best that you give the proper notice to your employers. Even if you’re not feeling a connection with them, disappearing is disrespectful and could hurt your chances for future job searching. You know what to do!