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Today we are going to talk about why companies should partner with a staffing agency!

Picture this- you have a new business plan in place which includes growth whether it be gradual growth over time or substantial growth in a short period of time. You’re busy managing your business, your plan and your current employees not even thinking about the new employees you will probably need! What do you do?

That’s where we come in! Staffing agencies take away the headache of job posting, filtering through resumes and the interviewing process.

Here are 5 reasons why staffing agencies are the way to go:

  1. Let’s face it- hiring isn’t easy. The entire process is tedious and intense. Especially if you haven’t had to hire new employees for a while. The staffing agency you work with will ensure they have the perfect job description to find the perfect candidate for you and your team.

They post on many different sites, filter through sometimes hundreds of resumes to find the right candidate for their client.

They save you time and money and find you the perfect candidate! That sounds like a win-win situation!

  1. Staffing agencies can reach more people! They have the resources and tools to get in touch with the perfect candidate for your position.

It’s not always about posting the job description to a few different sites and waiting for resumes to come in. With staffing agencies- they post your job description but also have the tools to search the databases of the sites they post on. So not only are they receiving resumes from the job post, but they are also able to find people who may have missed the post but have more than the required qualifications!

  1. Staffing agencies can reach out to those who may not even be looking for a new job! They have huge candidate bases of people who may not be searching and therefore miss the job post but who are more than qualified for the position.

They are able to reach out to those candidates in their database and find you the perfect candidate who might not have even applied!

  1. On any given job post- employers can receive countless unqualified candidates who they have to sift through to try and find the qualified ones. That takes time and if you don’t have that time- you tend to give up and push it aside.

With staffing agencies- they post positions to ensure that the qualified candidates will apply. They make clear and concise requirements and they put key words for candidate searches all to ensure it is easy for the qualified candidates to find and apply.  They also sift through all resumes and pull the qualified ones.

  1. Lastly but certainly the more difficult part of the hiring process- screening. After sifting through what feels like hundreds of unqualified applicants before you finally find one or maybe two who can be interviewed- you’ve more than likely run out of energy to move forward.

Not only do staffing agencies sift through the hundreds of resumes to find the qualified candidates- they also further screen the candidates by going through prescreen questions and then the interview process.

At the end of the day, you the employer, only have to go through 5-10 resumes of candidates who are qualified for the position and the process becomes a lot easier.

Although, nowadays a lot of businesses find going through staffing agencies can cost a lot of money- that’s not true! Staffing agencies actually save you money in the long run because they free up your time by doing the posting and screening process on their own and with that extra time you now have you can dedicate it to running your business as per usual and working towards that plan you put in place!