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Today we are going to talk about How to Get Fit Right from Your Desk!

Normally, people think office jobs are great because you get to sit all day- wrong! Sitting all day for 40+ hours a week is actually not as good as you think. It puts your body at risk for many different health issues that can creep up on us over time.

We are going to highlight some important things you should be doing to get moving during your busy work days:

Let’s start with what to do before you even reach your desk:

  1. Try to pack a lunch every day. This will prevent you from going out to lunch and eating fast food or maybe not even eating at all. If you forget to pack a lunch or want to eat out once a week, walk to get your lunch!
  2. Don’t park right in front of your office door! Park further in the parking lot and get some fresh air!
  3. Is there an elevator in your building? Don’t take it! Take the stairs instead.

Once you get to your desk and sit down:

  1. Try to get up once every hour to stretch. Do exercises where you can use your office furniture (triceps dips with your chair, walk around the perimeter of your office, etc.).
  2. Keep hydrated- drink lots of water! This means you’ll have to walk and fill your water bottle up during the day!
  3. Make sure you look away from your computer/ cell phone screen every hour to every two hours. This can help with less tension, headaches and better focus when you return.
  4. Sit up straight! Make sure your chair, keyboard, mouse and computer screen are set up properly.
  • Computer screen should be at eye level
  • Wrists should not be resting on keyboard or mouse pad
  • Chair should be leaning slightly backward to ensure you maintain good posture
  1. What does an exercise ball, elliptical and spin bike have in common? They can all be used at your desk! Yes you read that right- there are under the desk bikes and ellipticals that you can buy and use while you are sitting at your desk! The exercise ball can be used instead of a chair- it strengthens your core and posture by continuously making sure your body is balanced. You’re exercising without even trying!

Try to practice these 8 tips to make sure you are getting active and staying healthy during the day. Ease into it and before you know it you will be doing it regularly as part of your everyday routine!