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Today we’re going to talk about how to quit with class. Sometimes we do not give proper notice due to how certain circumstances work out, and sometimes we do not give notice at all- not a good idea!

Here is a list of things to remember when you are preparing to quit your job:

  • Review any agreements/contracts you may have signed when you started the job. Make sure you are following proper resignation procedures if they are outlined in the agreement.
  • Prepare a resignation letter or email with your intentions for quitting and the date of your last day. If you do not have access to a computer, phone your employer and if needed leave a detailed message with the same information that would be included in a resignation letter.
    • Thank your employer for the opportunity
    • Be honest about your reason for resigning. If it is regarding an issue at work, they should know so they are able to improve working conditions if necessary.
    • Offer assistance with the transition if possible: “I can continue to work until you find a replacement” or “I can assist with training the new employee if needed.”
  • Give proper notice. Two weeks is the standard amount of time you should give your employer upon resignation. Don’t leave them high and dry with less than 1 week or even 24 hour notice.
  • Don’t burn bridges!! We cannot stress this enough. As hard as it may be at times, remain calm and cordial. You may be resigning from your position but that does not mean you can be disrespectful. Leave the anger and aggressiveness out.
    • Just remember- if you burn a bridge you lose a reference. You never know where your next job opportunity will be, what if it is the job you have been wanting for the longest time? You could risk losing it if your references come back negative from past poor decisions.
  • Make sure that if you are thinking of resigning or are resigning you address it with your manager or superior first. Do not create problems by telling coworkers first, remember that word spreads fast and it could get to your superiors before you do!
  • Lastly- don’t slack after you hand in your resignation notice. If anything, work harder than you did before! Go above and beyond to leave a lasting impression for future reference!