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Today we are going to talk about how to build and keep positive work relationships. It is important to find ways to get along with your coworkers, and build healthy relationships in the workplace. When you have positive relationships at work, it has a positive impact on your job performance and overall outlook on the job. You should definitely make an effort to get to know the people you work with on a daily basis. Even though you are at work to do your job, having good relationships with coworkers would make work much more enjoyable. It is all about creating a positive and enjoyable work environment, so how can you do that?

Here are 4 steps to create a positive work environment:

  1. Take the time to know your coworkers. You can create conversation during lunch or breaks. Make an effort to get to know your coworkers, ask them about their likes or dislikes, or how long they’ve been working for the company. Start a conversation! This will build a good foundation for a positive work relationship.
  2. Steer clear of work gossip. Don’t stand around and gossip about other workers. This will create an extremely unhealthy and negative work environment for everyone. Stay away from conflict, if there are coworkers arguing amongst themselves, do not involve yourself in the situation. You want to be known as someone who is approachable and positive- not someone who starts workplace issues.
  3. Appreciate and recognize your coworkers. Recognize your coworkers’ work. Give them positive feedback, help them out if they need help. You would appreciate if someone recognized your improvements or good job performance- so recognize theirs!
  4. Stay positive. When you are positive, everyone will follow- it is chain reaction. By being positive, you will create, maintain and strengthen workplace relationships. Make an effort because effort will go a long way.

You never know what your coworkers are going through or what their stories are, so do not be quick to judge anyone. You are all working together as equals. So next time you go to work, strike up a conversation with a coworker and start the chain reaction!