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Today, we are talking about how to keep a healthy work life balance. Sometimes it’s hard for people to leave their work at work and their personal life at home. The two often overlap and create a stressful situation. So what’s the best way to keep the two separate? As funny as it sounds, the best way is to stop stressing and trying so hard to keep them separate. We often stress ourselves out more by overthinking the situation, it is a lot easier than we make it seem!

Here are some steps to ensure a good work life balance:

  1. Prioritize! Make a list, or better yet make a couple different lists. One list for the most urgent, and another for things that do need require your immediate attention. Lists will help to better organize your thoughts.
  2. Use your strengths! Don’t try and be everywhere for everyone. If a certain task is not your forte, hand it over to someone who has more experience with it. By doing something outside of your knowledge or comfort zone, we put ourselves under more stress by worrying about if the task is done properly.
  3. Know your weaknesses! If you are not a morning person, don’t try and schedule too many tasks in the morning. Keep your morning more relaxed. But if you are a morning person, get the more difficult tasks out of the way first thing in the morning, so you don’t leave them for at night when you’re tired and can’t stay focused.
  4. Have set work hours! Leave the extra work you didn’t finish that day at work, try not to bring It home with you to finish. Home time is personal time, keep it that way!
  5. Make “me” time! By setting work hours and making helpful lists, it will open up your schedule for more “me” time. Use that time to spend with family, friends, or maybe just to spend on your own!
  6. Take some time to make some time! Free time does not just appear on its own! You have to make free time, and in order to do that you have to take time to see when your free time will be. Keep your weekends free of work related tasks, and enjoy yourself J

Follow these 6 steps to try and find that work life balance everyone wants! Don’t overthink it, stay organized, focused and before you know it you’ll have so much extra time you won’t know what to do with it all!!