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Today we will be talking about summer jobs for students. If you are a student in college or university, now is the perfect time to start looking for a good summer job. First thing you as a student need to figure out is your priorities for a summer job. Do you want a summer job that will give you career-related experience? Or are you simply looking for a summer job that will keep you busy and help you with tuition costs? Decide on the answer to that question first before you take on your summer job search.

If your answer is career-related experience, you want to have started your job search three to four months prior to the end of your school year. During this search you want to research and contact potential employers pertaining to your future career choice, and look into possible internships or job opportunities for the summer. Sometimes employers will not post internships or job opportunities, so if they are not posted online don’t skip over them! Send them an email or stop into their office to ask about potential opportunities. This will show them that you are interested and dedicated to any opportunity that becomes available.

If your answer is a summer job to help with tuition costs, then answer this question. Are you looking for a strictly summer job or a year round part-time job? If it is a strictly summer job, go online to job boards/sites and type in the search bar “student(s)”. You will be surprised by the amount of job postings that are strictly for students. Keep in mind, job postings that are asking for students will normally be full-time positions that will last your whole summer break, so if you are not looking for those long hours maybe a strictly summer job isn’t for you. But that’s okay! You need to find something that suits you and that you are comfortable with doing.

For either option you always want to keep in mind the following:

  1. Keep your resume updated with your most current job experience, schooling and skills. For example: any certifications you may have (First Aid, CPR)
  2. Search/apply only for jobs you are qualified for. For example: if a job posting says full-time but does not say student, it usually means full-time permanent and that is not for you.
  3. Keep track of what jobs you apply for and also the jobs you are contacted for. This will allow you to follow up if you have not heard back and shows persistence which employers like to see!
  4. Lastly, come see us! If your job search isn’t going as planned or you feel you need some guidance, send us your resume or contact us to see what job postings we have for students! We are always looking for students to fill summer positions, and we are a phone call or email away from a possible job opportunity!

Check out our job board for current job postings, or go on your Facebook page to see what we have available for you. Or simply send your updated resume to and we will contact you with any available job opportunity! Your summer job is waiting for you, start looking!!