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Today we will be talking about how to make your social media presence attractive to employers! These tips are not only for landing a job interview, but also for keeping your job as well.

Social media is so widely used nowadays, and studies show that 70% of employers screen their candidates through social media.

Employers screen your social media for the following reasons:

  • Any information that will show your qualifications for the position
  • The professionalism of your online persona
  • What friends/ family post about you or on your page

5 Simple Steps to Ensuring Your Social Media Presence is Employer-Proof

  1. Make sure there are no inappropriate posts. (i.e. posts related to drugs or alcohol use)
  2. Make sure you do not use any form of discrimination related to gender, race or religion
  3. Don’t lie about your qualifications, stay true to what you have included on your resume
  4. Keep your screen name professional
  5. Don’t bad mouth your previous employers or employees

Keep these tips in mind at all times, not only for applying but for keeping the job. Employers still screen employee’s social media profiles after being hired, so it is important to keep your social media presence G-Rated at all times. Before you post anything, keep in mind who is able to see your profile and maybe it will make you think twice.