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Question: I’ve just been hired by PROSTAFF as a temporary employee.  How do I get hired on permanently with the company?

Your first 3 months are an extension of the interview process.  The company wants to ensure that you are a good fit with them, so make every day count.

  1. Know their business. Make an effort to learn everything you can about the company. The more you know about their business, the more valuable you are.
  2. Understand the company culture. If you take the time to fit in with their culture, you are more likely to succeed at being hired on.
  3. Be flexible and show initiative. Be willing to take on extra tasks, offer your help to coworkers and be flexible with your schedule if they ask.
  4. Adopt a team mentality. Think of yourself as part of the team and develop relationships with your co-workers.  The more effort you make, the more people will get to know you and think of you for future openings.
  5. Show up. It is important that you not miss any time, unless it is an absolute emergency.  This includes arriving on time and not leaving early.

We hope these tips help. Stay tuned next week for another session with our Recruiter!