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There are some things that you should not say during a job interview.  There are many candidates for just about every job opening and saying the wrong thing just makes it easier for the Hiring Manager to reject your candidacy.  Here’s a quick list of what not to say in a job interview:

  • How much does this job pay?  Mentioning pay can send the message that all you are after is money and makes them question your work ethics.  Save this question until you receive an offer of employment.
  • Negativity about your previous employers.  Prospective employers will likely side with your current or previous Supervisor and assume you will be difficult to manage.
  • I hate my job!  A better approach is to emphasize why the new position is appealing and, when reflecting on your current job, to emphasize what you have learned and skills you have developed.
  • You look great!  Avoid any comments that could be interpreted as flirtatious no matter how stunning your Interviewer appears.
  • I don’t have any weaknesses.  Always be prepared to communicate some weaknesses; just make sure the quality is not central to the job. Sharing a historical weakness that you have worked towards improving can be an effective strategy.
  • Saying you’ll have the Interviewers job in 5 years!  Displaying confidence is a good thing, but overly cocky statements will not endear you to Interviewers.

We hope these tips help and you are prepared for your next interview. Stay tuned next week for another session with the Recruiter!