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Help! I’ve sent out hundreds of resumes and I haven’t gotten any call backs.  What am I doing wrong?

It’s tough out there! Don’t get discouraged; your dream job is out there waiting for you.  Let’s take a look at 5 of the most common resume blunders and see if that is why you haven’t landed a job yet.

  • Not proofreading. This is mistake #1.  Proof read, proof read and proof read again.  The last thing a Recruiter wants to see are spelling mistakes or grammatical errors; it means you are lacking attention to detail.


  • Incorrect contact information. This seems like a no brainer but we see it more often than you would think.  Always make sure you include a phone number and that it is correct. If you are going to include an email address, make sure it is professional – is not appropriate and should be left off.


  • Lack of specifics. Details are important; it lets us understand what you’ve done and accomplished.


  • Overloading your resume. If you can’t fit everything onto 2 pages, take a look at the content you are including.  DO NOT include the same bullet points for each position and don’t include every single task you have ever completed either.  Instead, tell us what you brought to the job, what you accomplished and what results you were able to deliver.


  • You are obviously not qualified. Do your research before you apply for a job and read the job description.  Nothing turns Recruiters off more than candidates applying for jobs they are not qualified for.  Additionally, if you apply for every job a company has posted, it will not only annoy them but it could easily result in your resume being overlooked when there is a position you qualify for.

We hope these tips help you in your job search. Stay tuned next week for another session with our Recruiter!